UPDATE, as of:  09/25/09   I’m recinding the dreck below, which was my original policy.  Awwww shucks, wasn’t I nice?  🙂  The new policy is that I’m going to do whatever the hell I want with my own blogroll, and you are are more than welcome to do the same with yours.

Since I’m an “evil feminazi”, I’m really not sure who would want to be associated with me, frankly. I understand that my blog address and user name scares the hell outta some people* and confuses others**. If you are a radical feminist or possibly even a borderline radfem, and would like your blog addy to be listed, please let me know and it will be included. I really don’t want to make anyone feel awkward by placing them in a position where they would prefer to refuse my own request for permission to list their blog but feel uncomfortable by doing so.  No reciprocals necessary.

* Perceptive little buggers, aren’t they?

** They should read this page.

41 Responses to “link policy”

  1. Include me *from the dark side* with chocolate 🙂

  2. m Andrea Says:

    Excellent! One chocolate with sprinkles – done! 🙂

  3. Debs Says:

    I’ve only just discovered you but if you’d link to me I’d be honoured! x

  4. m Andrea Says:

    Welcome Debs! But I need a linky before I do that, you didn’t include one! lol Also, what kind of chocolate would you like? 🙂

  5. Debs Says:

    Hi again, sorry it’s http://feministfire.wordpress.com/

    Do you have milk chocolate with nuts in it? Thanks 😀 xxx

  6. m Andrea Says:

    I guessed, from the picture at your site. mmmm, cookies.

  7. Starfish Says:

    In case you missed me talking to you at my place, you can link me too, if you like – I do tend toward warm and fuzzy at times, by my own estimation, though I’m sure thousands would beg to differ.

    I like plain dark bitter! chocolate, no dairy required.

  8. Starfish Says:

    You might need this, http://starfsh.wordpress.com/ which I’d thought would show up automatically since I was logged in.

  9. Mary Sunshine Says:

    Plain dark bitter, no sugar, nothing.

    Nothing could be more chocolate.


  10. m Andrea Says:

    Hmmm, something must be up somewhere, because no linkies are showing up through just posting names. I did not know you had a blog. Also, that is my favorite kind of cookie! yum.

    Frankly, I am really surprised that anyone wants on the blog-o-rama, this is perplexing to me – don’t you all realize I’m evil?

    [edit] poked the settings, let’s see if that was enough.

  11. Starfish Says:

    Oh, Mary Sunshine, you would be a purist, wouldn’t you?! 😉

    m Andrea, maybe it’s precisely because you’re unqualified “evil”, and such fun.

  12. Debs Says:

    You’re not evil, you’re lovely!

    Just wanted to tell you I have taken Pandagon off my blogroll because they banned you. Ha! – that’ll teach ’em! lol 😀 x

  13. m Andrea Says:

    No, I actually deserved it Deb. What I wrote was extremely rude and not funny, which it could have been, if done differently. I’m soooo going to do it over! LOL I failed to explain the logic and that’s why everyone was offended.

    Your linkies are still not showing up in your names. Okay, one more time with the pokey stick.

  14. L Says:

    Lovin’ the blog. Would therefore like to be associated with it. Editorializing the Editors at heartoffalsehood.wordpress.com. 😉

  15. m Andrea Says:

    L, thank you! You are very kind! 🙂

  16. Hairy Harpie Says:

    Could you please email me mAndrea? I would like to add you to my website.

  17. m Andrea Says:

    Hello! You don’t want to mention your website here?

  18. Polly Styrene Says:

    Yes please! I definitely want to be associated with anyone who loves the ‘century of the self’. As I have relentlessly plugged it many times. Also I am already the incarnation of evol and therefore my reputation cannot be damaged (try though I might). Sorry I don’t have a blog roll to return the favour, but I am essentially lazy.

  19. Polly Styrene Says:

    Yup the link M Andrea is


    But you know that.

  20. Anji Says:

    Oooh am I allowed in? 😉 I likes me some chocolate. I’ll have caramel in mine please!

  21. m Andrea Says:

    Okay, Anji! I just happen to have some spare caramel cookies with some kind of nut in the cookie jar, I think it’s macadamia or whatever they’re called. cookies, yum… Btw, you are allowed to argue with me if you want, although according to the secret feminazis handbook, we will call it a discussion! lol

    And I am a little particular who does get in here, as I tend to not moderate my own blog very well. So once you’re in, you get to do whatever you want.

  22. Nine Deuce Says:

    Can I sign up? It seems to me that we’ve got more than a few things in common, one of them being our opinion on the practice of swallowing (I just found your post on the subject via a comment from Pisaquari). Can I add you to my blogroll? If so, do you want me to call you Miss Andrea or Feminazi or ___?

  23. thebewilderness Says:

    Is that what you have been doing all this time? Making trollhouse cookies? Having a life, and cookies too? Criminy, that sounds better than blogging.
    Still we are missing you around here. I mention it just so you know.

  24. Maggie Hays Says:

    Hi Miss Andrea,

    I’ve just linked you to my blogroll. Is that okay if you link me to yours?


    Maggie, a rad fem sister.

  25. m Andrea Says:

    I would be thrilled to pieces. and been meaning to stick you in my porn stats and research post. I occassionally wander in there and tidy things up.

  26. m Andrea Says:

    Nice Deuce, I am so very sorry for assuming you were a troll. Gah, I am embarrassed I don’t get out much, your blog is fabulous and can I have a linky too? lol

  27. Ok M Andrea can I mention a weird thing is happening. It happened when I tried to follow a link on my old blog too. Click on Nine Deuce’s name above. What do see? I got a general advertising board thingy. It happened when I was trying to follow back a link from my old blog as well.

    What is going on?

  28. L Says:

    The link in Nine Deuce’s name is missing a “t” so it says Rage Agains The Manchine — that’s why it’s not going back to her actual site.

  29. m Andrea Says:

    Thank you so much for saying something — that’s probably why I thought she was a troll when she first came here! Except, I believe that in every instance of adding a new link, I have always gone to the site itself and hit copy + paste. So I am clueless and let her know.

    The only reason I ever realized she wasn’t a troll was because Heart had linked to her and I remembered the name. But when I went to Deuce’s site (from Hearts) just now and clicked on her name, it did the exact same thing.

    So supposedly I fixed the link in my blogroll, but who knows. I’m pretty sure I had done it right the first time. If all that makes sense.

  30. L Says:

    The blogroll link seems to be working, and it’s spelled properly. Should be okay. 🙂

  31. m Andrea Says:

    The link in her name is doing that wacky thing on her own site. And I don’t understand how I could have missed the blogroll. I always test it afterwards, to make sure it works.

  32. Nine Deuce Says:

    I fucked up when I put my URL into my profile on WordPress, so pretty much every comment I’ve ever written on my own blog or anyone else’s on WordPress is linked to some weird site about Chinese girls or something.

  33. m Andrea Says:

    But now it appears to be right? huh?

    Hmmmm, in theory feminazi could exploit this for evil…. that is if I understood what the hell is going on. Feminazis exploit everything for evil, yanno. Have a cookie.

  34. Luckynkl Says:

    I don’t blog. Can I still have chocolate?

  35. m Andrea Says:

    Yes!! Today there is almond coconut fudgey things, but there is still some tasty butterscotch shortbread left.

    It would be nice if somewhere there was a list of your writings…

  36. Luckynkl Says:

    It would be nice if somewhere there was a list of your writings…

    LOL. I don’t even know where I’ve been and where I’ve posted over the years! But a good many of my writings from the last 10 years are stored on my hard drive.

    I lied tho. I actually do have a blog. Several of them. I just don’t actually write anything in them. Well, other than a few initial entries so I can see all the pretty colors.

  37. Miska Says:

    Hey m Andrea,

    I like your posts re the trans issue. I have just created a blog and I intend to write about these matters (from a radfem POV) too. At the moment I am compiling a list of posts around the net that discuss transgenderism – do you mind if I link to your series of posts?


  38. lefemmeferal Says:

    Hi I’ve added you, you can add me too if you want. 🙂

  39. Sarah Says:

    Hi there, I’m starting to write about all this and am hoping you won’t mind if I link to you?

  40. GallusMag Says:

    mAndrea- is there a way i can share something with you via email? thx.

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