February 14, 2010

It’s the day to honor love in all it’s ubiquitous cupidity, and I wanted to give all five of my readers a chuckle.  Unfortunately, this is like the third year in a row that I’ve failed to write a certain post delineating in great detail all the myriad ways men suck at love, so this one which I’ve dug out of storage will have to do.  Which is no small offering in itself, as the subject matter is only THE HOLY GRAIL FOR FEMINAZIS,  and, if there was any doubt proves yet again my utter awesomeness I should have posted this months ago.  First, a minor quibble:

 For all of recorded history men have been formally inferioritizing females through a variety of government and religious sanctioned institutions.  I want to briefly stress that before moving on to the argument which concerns us today.  Political systems, religious systems, socio-economic systems have all worked in concert with the express purpose of keeping women in their place as subserviant slutmachines and baby factories.  Contrary to popular belief this was not an accident, the words used to institutionalize oppression were planned with deliberation, as were those concepts discussed with the utmost consideration before culminating in action. 

Evo-pysch babble, religious dogma, and mainstream proproganda — all spewed by men who to this day claim to comprehend the angelic humanity of females when they aren’t raping us for being whores —  and feminists have kindly and painstakingly refuted every one.  It also needs emphasing that the vast majority of women’s liberation has been the result of radical feminists backing men into the figurative corner whereby men had no other legitimate option than to 1.) acknowledge some bit of sexism as actual sexism, and 2.) shape the fuck up.

Today a feminazi turns the tables but this time provides irrefutable evidence that males as a class aren’t human.  I love making logic do parlour tricks, even more so when those arguments are valid, indefensible, and have drastic consequences.  Our argument begins with the definition of humane, which I have no doubt Mr. Webster, if he were alive, would immediately change to something less incriminating.

In order to distinguish those who are fully fledged members of humanity from those who are merely homo sapien, we must remember that humanity is a term bestowed only upon those who express humane qualities — specifically compassion is mentioned most often.  And since we can’t say that subjegating those one claims to love is compassionate, we also can’t say that men as a class are humane.  And alas, therefore we can’t say that men as a class are fully fledged members of humanity. 

 Happy valentine’s day!

25 Responses to “proof: MEN AREN’T HUMAN”

  1. FemmeForever Says:

    Gawd! I LOVE this blog.

  2. lefemmeferal Says:

    “It also needs emphasing that the vast majority of women’s liberation has been the result of radical feminists backing men into the figurative corner whereby men had no other legitimate option than to 1.) acknowledge some bit of sexism as actual sexism, and 2.) shape the fuck up.”

    Here here! Great post!

  3. berryblade Says:

    “And alas, therefore we can’t say that men as a class are fully fledged members of humanity. ”

    Stole the words right from my mouth/the tips of my fingers.

  4. factcheckme Says:

    happy valentines day, indeed. excellent.

  5. Dick Fitzwell Says:

    As a member of the opposite sex I’d like to point out that us men do suck balls at relationships when compared to women. But who designed and built the house you live in. Who developed the integrated circuit and later the microprocessor so you can have a computer to type on. Who created and developed the Internet so you can post your thoughts to the world. Who farms the food you eat, drives the food to the store? Who developed plastics so the food stays fresh for you to eat? Men developed and built everything on the planet. Men are the most human of all because we do all this and share it with you. (execept Muslim men, they truly do hate women:-). Quit hatin’. You sound like Rush Limbaugh when he talks about liberals.

  6. m Andrea Says:

    Oh that reminds me, who gave birth to you?

    *shakes uterus*

    ‘Mwuahh-haa-haa….. Darling, it isn’t that men “suck at relationships”, it’s that they harm those they claim to love. Which is sadism. Men are sadists. SADISTS. Then men deny human rights to those they claim to view as equals, which is even more seriously fucked up shit on top of the SADISM. I’m asking — What is the term for people who treat those they claim to love like total shit and then demand that their abusive behavior is the way things ought to be and normal and want a fucking cookie for their good behavior? Psychotic ring any bells? Psychopath more accurate?

    That kind of dynamic is guarantee to make women insane. Men have created a hell on earth and torture everybody they come into contact with. No, I don’t respect that, ya fucking fool. Psychopaths always straighten up and plead ignorance and demand forgiveness when their pathology is called out. Get the fuck away from me.

  7. factcheckme Says:

    hey miss a, this is the theme i was using, before i changed it. its a nice theme. and change is a good thing!

    this guy has attemped to soil my blog with his presence too. i just kicked his shit directly to spam. apparently he has a LOT of free time on his hands, and a reading comprehension problem. standard issue, both, if you are a man.

  8. factcheckme Says:

    oh, and PSYCHOPATH exactly describes the people to whom you are referring. that cant be pointed out often enough.

  9. Pyotr Petrovic Says:

    Wiat. Let me get this straight…

    You are using computer systems created by men, running software written by men to spread a message of hate about men?

    All you are essentially doing is completely ignoring the good done by men and hyperinflating the bad that relatively few of them do. Here’s hoping you realise that soon.

  10. m Andrea Says:

    Why yes I am incredibly bored, but usually the only trolls I get are men who shout “you’re a C***” and run away. They are no fun to play with, and you two idiots are really not much better. But I did want folks to realize how dumb some men can be.

    Here’s the argument you are using: “Some men make a few good things for their own benefit and with great hostility deliberately prevent women from making anything, therefore all men should be worshipped regardless how nasty they are to women”.

    Not only does is your conclusion unrelated to your premise (which is an automatic FAIL), but you’re a particular obtuse hypocrite. To put this in lingo even you might comprehend: It is a female who manufactured men using the tool of her uterus — and apparently you understand that gestating males is a good thing. You wouldn’t exist otherwise, dunderhead. Using your own twisted non-logic, therefore you should worship women regardless how nasty you believe any of them to be.

    *shakes uterus again*

  11. polly Says:

    But who designed and built the house you live in.

    Ah I know the answer to this one, it’s on my deeds. It was a woman who in the late 19th century owned a local drapers shop and decided to expand her empire by building some houses to rent

    Thorry, Dick. Dildos fit better.

    Question for you Dick. Who starts most wars?

  12. polly Says:

    Pyotr. Do you know who was the first computer programmer?

    Here’s a clue.

  13. Polly Says:

    Oh BTW I was somewhere or other on t’interwebs (think it was the Daily Mail) and a commenter said that apparently Pyotr is a serial commenter under many aliases on the netz (including the Male, though that’s hardly short of MRA fools anyway), and owns some kind of MRA website. So there you are. Do Dick and Pyotr have the same IP address Miss Andrea? Anyway this dude said he was going to complain to ‘Dave’ about you Pyotr so watch out!

  14. m Andrea Says:

    Oh noes, unless evidence exists for this serial poster, I can only work under the assumption that most men are assholes. *squeals!* 🙂

    Why is it that all the combined misogyny of the entire western hemisphere is supposedly perpetuated by only five doods named Ralph, but there’s definitely a vast underground network of feminazis out to destroy the world — which of course justifies oppressing all women even further?

    Seems like if there’s only five misogynists but a million feminazis, then the world would look quite different then it currently appears.

  15. polly Says:

    Well Pyotr/Dick now knows about Ada Lovelace so I hope his excursion over here was worth it.

  16. aquarianrabbit Says:

    >__< I came here via rageagainstthemanchine and, I, I think I love you! And your blog. This made my fucking day! THANK YOU!

  17. thebewilderness Says:

    Oh goody, Q&A with a dick.
    Who commits 97% of crimes?
    We know! We know! Teh Menz!!

  18. Imaginary Says:

    This is brilliant. Men are shit spunk.

  19. Muhammad Says:

    @factcheckme: “apparently he has a LOT of free time on his hands, and a reading comprehension problem. standard issue, both, if you are a man.”
    Where is the evidence for that? I have nothing against people highlighting real problems concerning feminism but what you did was make something up, an ad hominem attack.

    @m Andrea: “Men are sadists”: I find that hard to believe. I’m going to assume you are generalizing and you’re not talking about ALL males. I hope that’s the case.

    I have to say, this is all very embarrassing, arguments between feminists and MRA’s look like…
    Feminist: “Boys stink!”
    MRA: “Girls stink more!”
    Feminist: “Boys stink multiplied by 10!”
    MRA: “Girls stink multiplied by infinite!”

    Name-calling and insulting the opposite sex is not solving ANY problems, it’s counter-productive and utterly pointless. This is not feminism, this is venting about your own personal hang-ups.

  20. m Andrea Says:

    I have to say, this is all very embarrassing, arguments between feminists and MRA’s look like…
    Feminist: “Boys stink!”
    MRA: “Girls stink more!”

    Nice way to reframe the argument Mahammud. But actually it goes like this:

    Radical Feminists: Men harm women and are never going to stop harming women.

    MRAs: ooh you hate us, you’re mean!

    The absolute best quote on this subject is by a woman named TheBewilderness and it goes like this:

    But many of the comments above seem to be based on some prurient hatred of sex instead, which is disturbing.
    This is a cheap transparent trick to change the subject from the behavior of men, to the feelings of women. Every time you hear the term hate used in this fashion it is always a cheapass way to change the subject. Serious people do not like to be manipulated in the style of political operatives.

    Men rape women.
    Why do you hate men.

    Porn hurts women.
    Why do you hate sex.

    Do you see the shift from the behavior of the perp to the feelings of the victim? You can see it any time you like on the cable news networks, where that crap passes for discussion.
    It does not pass here.

    End quote.

  21. elkballet Says:

    I love the sputtering bile-spewing from the above.

    Feminists: Men hate women and oppress them. Men rape women and physically hurt them and we’re tired of it.

    MRA Response: MEN built your house and gave you shelter [no proof of this] MEN wrote the laws about your oppression [obey them] MEN grow your food [again, where is the proof of this? Last I checked women were still permitted to work even if it was physical labor] MEN DID EVERYTHING FOR YOU, so you are now our sex SLAVES.

    First off, men didn’t do anything for us. They did it for themselves. Anything that specifically benefitted women and was created for women, was either created by women or by men who were pushed into a corner by women/feminists. The arguments above, basically we feed house and clothe you (which they don’t) sound an awful lot like the justification for owning slaves. Which is probably spot on since marriage is basically sex and domestic slavery.

  22. Muhammad Says:

    Jesus, I didn’t even know my comment was approved. I barely even remember writing that comment. I was talking shit, I don’t know what I was doing that day. I must have been in one of those moods. My head’s all over the bloody place.

    I take it back, MRA’s and feminists aren’t analogous, MRA’s are fucking morons. No, men in general are fucking morons. Reading these rad fem blogs has actually opened my eyes. Keep it up.

  23. m Andrea Says:

    Well the wierd thing is that as soon as men admit it, then they stop, and then they don’t suck anymore. And then my argument falls apart. lol

    Good for you, btw. 🙂

  24. m Andrea Says:

    Jason, sorry but really don’t feel like wasting much time with you, even if you did type twelve novels in a row. The assertion you are using is thus:

    “No matter how abusive men are to women and no matter how long this abuse continues with unrelenting horror, women have some kind of wierd moral obligation to extend infinite patience”.

    If that’s not bad enough, for some wierd reason you’re under the impression that it is the abuser who is entitled to decide how much abuse the victim should endure before calling it quits. But it’s not your call, that decision is for the victim to decide.

    Sorry, Jason, but it’s against my policy to converse with dominating assholes.

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