Toon Time!

December 10, 2007

Brring, Brring!

Caller:  Hello, it’s me, Nigel! 

Feminist:  Oh hi!  I wuv u! 

Caller:  What have you been up to all day?

Feminist:  oooh, I’ve been super dooper busy fighting the only three known misogynists in the world, and —

Caller:  Only three?

Feminist:  Well as you know, men aren’t driven by the intersection of sex and power to dominate women, so there aren’t that many, you know, real misogynists.  Most of ’em just need to be taught different modalities for processing interpersonal schemas in regards to one tiny little subgroup of the global population.  And as soon as one more study is completed delineating the integrative framework for gender-domain specific paradigms, I’m sure that this time men will finally vindicate the rights of woman!  It was just yesterday, that crafty Mary Wollston said –

Caller:  So you’re done for the day, then?

Feminist:  Well hon, I need to finish —

Caller:  Would you come over here and suck my dick? 

Feminist:   Be right over!

cartoon feminist

4 Responses to “Toon Time!”

  1. Okay, you get the pee-the-pants award for today!

  2. Branjor Says:

    ***Most of ‘em just need to be taught different modalities for processing interpersonal schemas in regards to one tiny little subgroup of the global population.***

    And as we have no real responsibility for teaching men we’ll just spend forever teaching boys.

  3. Muhammad Says:

    You’re implying that men are “driven by the intersection of sex and power to dominate women”…that might be true of some of the disgusting dregs within the male population but it sounded like you were implying that it is innate and within ALL males, which I don’t agree with because that’s not what drives me. I’m sure you were just generalizing and you probably get this sort of thing all the time and it must annoy you but I know it annoys women when guys tell women what they want by saying stupid shit like “women like abusive assholes”, likewise, it also annoys me when women tell me what I want when they try to tell me what “drives me”.

    I dunno…I guess I’m just trying to say that type of behaviour isn’t innate within males.

  4. m Andrea Says:

    Hi Muhammand, thanks for reading! Okay so I don’t mean to sound rude or tactless, but there’s a slight problem that I see with your implicit argument.

    It is entirely possible for a trait to be innate within the general population and at the same time, for that trait to be expressed with varying degrees within the population. In other words, you’re assuming that in order for sexism to be a trait which is considered inherent, it must be expressed by 100 percent of the population, AND that it must always be expressed in it’s most extreme form. But we do not hold any other traits to those standards in order to be considered innate.

    Many diseases, for example, are caused by recessive genes yet those diseases are still inheritable and they are always present within a given population to some degree. Another counter example is an emotion such as anger. All humans do tend to experience anger and so it can be considered an innate human trait. Yet different people are triggered into an anger response by widely-varying stimuli and different people will experience different amounts of anger in response to the same stimuli. For sexism to be inherent, it only has to be within the general population consistently. And a few eons does indeed qualify as “consistent”.

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by and politely trying to find flaws in my arguments — I appreciate that very much since it’s understandable this type of thing would tend to seriously put folks on the defensive!

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