child abuse cover-up needs your help

August 29, 2008

Found this at Polly’s and it is disgusting.

Unless public pressure is brought to bear, no murder investigation will take place.  Go here and sign the petition, and please contact other news sources and ask them to run the story as well.  This is so revolting many people will turn away in sheer horror rather than face a painful situation.

My internet connection is taking literally 10 minutes to load a page if it even loads at all, so pardon the crap nature of this post.  Thank you very much Polly for recapping this story so well. 

10 Responses to “child abuse cover-up needs your help”

  1. Polly Styrene Says:

    You can only sign those no 10 petitions if you have a UK postcode. However you can always use the postcode of a starbucks branch, which you can get from their website……

  2. Polly Styrene Says:


    Super sekrit blaaahhhh…………..

  3. bonobobabe Says:

    I’m not a British citizen or resident, so they don’t want my signature.

  4. Polly Styrene Says:

    Yeah it is UK residents only. However if you go here….

    You can submit questions for Gordon Brown to answer if you have a you tube account. So can I suggest the following….

    Will the UK government step in to ensure justice for the victims of abuse at the Haut de la Garenne childrens home, and to ensure that a proper murder investigation is carried out into the remains of five children discovered there.

  5. Polly Styrene Says:

    I’ll try to publish a proper ‘take action’ page later…..

  6. Polly Styrene Says:

    Try this

    (if you’re from the UK, please sign the other one as well, because that goes straight to the PM. Who will then probably ignore it, but we have to try).

  7. Luckynkl Says:

    Going by the information given, I’m getting the impression that Haut de la Garenne is a boys’ only home. Is this correct?

  8. Polly Styrene Says:

    No there were girls there as well – it was mixed. I’ve published a story on my blog from a woman recounting how she was raped there.

  9. Polly Styrene Says:

    The story also refers to a previous scandal in Islington in the 1980’s. Male paedophiles infiltrated Islington children’s homes and nobody challenged them because they were ‘gay men’. IE they only wanted to abuse young boys.

    You used to go around in the 1980’s and get idiots saying this was an infringement of gay rights and the children’s ‘right’ to express their sexuality. That’s how they got away with it.

  10. Polly Styrene Says:

    Also of course, I don’t think it makes any difference whether the victims were boys or girls. The remains that have been found are of 5 children aged between 4 and ll. That’s five children between four and eleven years old being tortured and murdered. Hundreds, possibly thousands more being raped and tortured daily. They’re children, it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference what sex they are.

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