hiddenbig.jpg   Edit 3/18/07:  True to form, I have identified a problem only after unconsciously making fun of it for weeks.  I blame my very third commenter, evah, Ruth, who has graciously blessed me with an epiphany.  Ruth is insulted by my blog addy and my user name.  She probably knows that the term was coined by Rush Limbaugh, meant to insult, demean, and shame into silence all those uppity cretins who dare to think women are human and are therefore entitled to equal rights.  

 She thinks it’s an insult to mass-murderers and their victims, not an insult to feminists. 

Have you ever noticed that when the perjorative is applied to feminists, no one EVER calls the speaker on it?   No one ever claims to be offended when feminists are called mass- murderers, but only when a self-avowed feminist claims the name does anybody react.  Why is that, do you think? 

You would claim offense on behalf of murder victims only if you thought feminism was worse than mass-murder. 

The fact that you did not see this is itself indicative of a far deeper problem, one which this blog hopes to address in time.  Unfortunately for people like Rush who claim ordinary feminists – aka civil rights workers – are some kind of devil, their own words convict them.  Every time you hear the word “feminazi” or any other variation of feminism used as an perjorative, you can know with absolute certainty that the speaker hates women and fears our independence.  That person has made himself inferior.  Abusive personalities – those promoting less than equal status for half the human race – are not and will never be commensurate with those of us have only demanded parity.

I am tired of their excuses.  No more excuses.  They have had enough research papers, enough gender deconstructions, enough repetitious feminist pleadings to last a trillion years.  If they haven’t discovered empathy for those whom they claim to love by now, they aren’t going to, so to hell with them.  I am an angelic feminazi fluffbunny in jackboots who just happens to have soft juicy ovaries this big, and so therefore am amply qualified to help all wayward travelers find their brains.   Links are on the left, pre-perused for your pleasure. 

Snarkiness aside, I really do appreciate Ruth’s sincerity, for it likely represents a wider opinion of my name de jour.  Not only does that erroneous opinion need addressing, but it’s rebuttal needs a sticky place to rest.  It can rest here.

Paragraphs 5 and 6 were edited on 11-11-07

10 Responses to “You will read this”

  1. Please note that the comment you left on the SGRP wiki has a broken link to your site. (Though it is not impossible to figure out what the correct link is…since I found this page…!) Also, we prefer if people post comments on particular essays on the symposium page for the essay, rather than on the top page. It would be great if you could move your comment to the Superson page, now in the archive. If not, that’s OK too, but I may post a comment to yours mentioning this suggestion so others get the hang of things.

    Sorry to use this to communicate with you…I couldn’t find your email anywhere. Thanks for your interest.

  2. iqbuv Says:

    Good site!!!

  3. Lara Says:

    Can I add you to my blogroll, mAndrea?

  4. thebewilderness Says:

    OK, so I read this again. No where does it address your absence from your blog for two bloody months.
    Cranky? Me?

    Yeah, maybe.

  5. Branjor Says:

    We want mAndrea! We want mAndrea!


  6. David Says:

    I’ve a question (and yes, it’s genuine, because your mix of straightforward and sarcastic can be bewildering). That comment to Nine Deuce about links to a wacky site and thinking she might be a troll – what was your intention? She had a genuine link problem, or you just didn’t like her way of saying things?

    I’ve got to say, I much prefer your way of being sarcastic and taking the mickey out of guys.
    Oh, it hurts, but I’m a big boy 🙂 I’ll only use one tissue, promise…
    And (I’m hoping) that psycho attack dog calling himself Julian Real isn’t around here.
    I mean, it doesn’t offend me in the slightest that he thinks women can’t stick up for themselves, calls me a sexist Nazi, and says that my words have power whereas women’s do not.
    No, in fact, I’m delighted by his comments. As over the moon as my Jewish ancestors would be.

    Of course, I am assuming that you weren’t being serious with that proof of men not being human.
    I really hope so, otherwise the whole thing gets horribly Nietzchean.


  7. m Andrea Says:

    David, thank you for asking, and yes, I do realize my sarcasm creates confusion for most people which is why it needs a rethink. Unfortunately then I bite my tongue into total silence, and how does everybody else manage to cope with idiots without using sarcasm???

    Can’t remember now, but for some reason I did wonder if she might be a troll — people leave one-liners here in spurts (after a new post) and I have no clue what their point actually is. So I err on the side of caution if I don’t recognize the nym. When someone has commented once and been approved, their comments are posted automatically and I don’t want to come back here after an absence and find spam on the blog. Now I think it’s curently set for all moderation, all the time.

    I don’t know who Julian is and of course I was only halfway serious about that proof. Yes, some men are sincerely egaliatarian (and yes they are welcome here) but we don’t measure the level of racism by measuring the amount of nice white people. The thing is, men keep insisting that feminists who want equality are somehow wanting superiority — so I hope that the tone of my posts (which is quite rare around feminists circles) shows folks what an authentic quest for female superiority would look like. It’s good cop, bad cop — which is only an effective strategy when the bad cop is RARE and occasionaly hilarious, which acts as a mitigating filter.

    (It’s dawned on me that I need to explain why some particular habits of mine are performative strategy and why others are craptastic unproductive.) Anyway, David, thanks for reading and you are certainly welcome to comment here, as long as you realize that the entirety of my posts are directed at men as a class. Your brothers are pigs, David!

  8. 2nd Wave Man Says:

    Links are on the right now, not the left. I presume there’s been a layout change in the past three and a half years or so. 🙂

    Glad I stumbled here, and I’m looking forward to devouring the material.

  9. m Andrea Says:

    Diogenes. I do not feel like dealing with the stupid today, nor did I when your comment was dumped. Try using actual logic, which requires that you understand when you are making an assertion of your own, which then requires that you provide sufficient evidence for that assertion. I am under no obligation to converse with people who fail to meet minimum standards.

  10. SeleneD Says:

    Hi Andrea. Sorry to post here, but I tried to make a post germane to you and I on Twisty’s blog and it got stuck in moderation. Could you drop me an email if you get the chance? I’d really like to get in touch with you privately.

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