A Graphic Novel about Transgenderism

September 9, 2008

In between bouts of pure unmitigated evil, creating a comic book is good practice for my wickedness skills.  It’s also an excuse to include lots of pretty images, which is the main component of a graphic novel.  I still haven’t quite got the hang of it, though, as some horribly old-fashioned compulsion drives me to include actual words which when strung together form coherent sentences — clearly against the rules of both modern graphic novels AND transgenderism advocacy.  Plus the cover doesn’t match the contents.  No matter, it’s transgressive and that’s the important bit.  

This is my first attempt, so be nice or you’ll hurt my fweelings and as the vanilla girls have taught us, if you hurt someone’s fweelings then your criticism must be wrong!! 

The comic book is about Ivan, a gender-bender who dreams of a space where either gender matters a whole lot or gender doesn’t matter at all…  which does seem to indicate that transgenderism is all about body parts upon which gender is dependent.  Or something, I haven’t actually finished the whole book so it’s hard to tell at this point.  Later chapters tackle all sorts, includings a section on contradictory premises.  That means that all of the “supporting reasons” taken as a whole for each individual argument contradict each other — but this does not become obvious until one actually compares each argument and their supporting premises.  For that, we need to find the truth.

Anyway, the introduction:

Personally, I was thrilled to pieces to finally figure out what all the liberal excitement was regarding gender-bending genitalia swapping:  the transgender advocates point to the bit where Ivan unnaturalizes/unhooks/separates his masculine body from his feminine mind.  Apparently, when Ivan is in the wrong body which doesn’t match his brain, this decouples internal character from body parts and is supposed to prove a conclusion of some kind.

Except that isn’t a conclusion at all; it’s only the first half of an argument.  We know this to be true because at the same time that Ivan is shrinking one set of sex organs, he is also enhancing another set (or preparing to).  To insist that this act of exchange be broken into two component parts and then have us only focus on one is misleading.  It’s called transitioning for a reason — there is an exchange of body parts. 

No logical conclusions can be drawn from only half of an argument.  In order to have a full argument, we need the full conclusion which doesn’t happen until we look at the second half.  And for that, we need to look at what happens when Ivan finally lands in his right body, which either involves body parts or gender roles, — impossible to discern at this point because I still can’t get a straight answer from the transfolks.

Some transpeople insist that certain genitalia make them happy, yet almost all of their emphasis appears to involve near-constant homage to artifical gender and gender roles; and almost zero awareness of masculinity and transsexuality as it intersects group-think constructs.  In other words, my criticism is that the transgendered claim to be expanding gender roles for society at large but have failed miserably to conduct even the most rudimentary inquiry of cultural dynamics.  They have elevated social constructs to a position representing a real physical entity instead of being regulated to the land of make-believe and coping mechanisms.  By their insistence that social constructs are fixed entities which can only be bargained with under extremely limited conditions, the justification for body modification is created. 

While discussing social constructs, the concept of “real” is frequently misued which causes confusion.  Beliefs are “real” but are true or false, actions are “real” but are ethical or unethical, — only physical entities are uniquely “real” in that they take up physical space and exist objectively without an innate value judgement being present.   A social construct is a belief, and therefore is either true or false.  Which is why we get to say that gender as currently constructed is “false” and also “not real”.

Again, it is not the transfolk who are analyizing transsexuality as it intersects masculine and feminine gender, but radical feminists.  Insisting on acceptance as a gender is the demand of a whining child, not gender deconstruction; and transgenderism cannot be assumed to decrease sexism when they offer no critical analysis of biological maleness as it intersects masculinity within cultural dynamics.

Transfolks are switching genitalia and symbols of gender, not arms or legs or kidneys, and if precision is truly the goal, then one must be clear.  “I’m in the wrong body” isn’t truly accurate, but “My genitalia feels wrong” or “My gender role feels wrong” is accurate to a degree which apparently is beyond their capability and renders them speechless:

An interesting detour is that if tears are proof of anything besides sadness, it’s that many of the transgendered folks have some disjointed cognitive process splintering their brains.  Tears do a fine job of proving sadness but amazingly enough do not prove the existence of a right.   They continually point to other tearful groups who are the recipients of sympathy and then wonder why some withhold tissues from the transgendered.  They apparently forget the implicit awareness that those other tearful groups were entitled to a right which was violated.

What do I mean specifically by that?  Many seem to be conflating the right to live free from violence with the special pleading to be accepted as a gender.  Their response to any negative criticism delineating the bloody fucking obvious is always a childish temper tantrum with their tears as “proof”.  The right to live free from violence is a human right and yes any victim of violence has my sympathy; however pity for one right being violated does not transfer into automatic validation of a second demand.

A second point is that transfolk confuse subjective life experience (which is merely a perception or opinion) with validation of the ideology guiding that perception.   Since they can’t or won’t accept that the definition of ideology does indeed apply to transgenderism, they perceive any negative criticism of that ideology as a personal attack.  But in reality, a “subjective life experience”  only proves that the person feels a certain way; emotions are not objective truth. 

This is a logic problem, folks.  If the transgendered are going to claim that “subjective life experience” proves that the underlying ideology guiding that life experience is valid, then the following are true as well:  The life experience of pedophiles proves that sex with children is beneficial to pedophiles and as a consequence society should be looking for ways to mitigate the harm to children who are raped by pedophiles so that the benefit to pedophiles can continue.  The life experience of females who have been raped by every male relative they know proves that all men are rapists and as a consequence all men should be leashed.  The life experience of rapists prove that rape is good.   The life experience of transitioning proves that transitioning is good.  The life experience of alcoholics proves that they feel relief and more relaxed when other people stop trying to take away their bottle.

Once again some people are erroneously looking at the conclusion and from their opinion of the conclusion then decide whether or not the premise is valid.  But “subjective life experience” does not provide evidence of anything besides the fact that someone either likes or dislikes their life experience.


Well gosh, this is nice.  The act of body modification proves that modern medicine is amazing.  It proves that a male doesn’t need a vagina to feel like his version of a female, because he has been insisting that he feels “like his version of a female” while still in possession of a penis.  So we do know that a vagina is not required for a biological male to experience his version of “girly” character.  So they have indeed separated possession of genitalia from perception of genitalia.  I feel like I’m making progress here, don’t you? 

But the act of body modification doesn’t prove a few things.  It doesn’t prove that he knows what being female really feels like, for only a biological female can feel like a biological female.  He can “feel similar to” a biological female yet can never “be” a biological female.  Thus he can only experience his own perception of that which he believes is a genderized “woman”. 

And now a few words about gender, and how that differs from biological sex.  As far as I can tell, gender is an made-up artificial construct which has little or no bearing on reality.  Biological sex is reality, is a physical entity, is a medically nuanced designation which has made it’s way into simplified common vernacular and is frequently confused with gender.   One of the ways which helps me to keep them straight is to first attempt to use the term “biological female” when referring to “women” (and of course everybody else is welcome to do whatever they like).   If the term “biological female” won’t work in the sentence, then the signifier must be referring to GENDER.

Oopsies, another problem.  If gender is a made-up artifical construct while biological sex is a physical reality — and this statement does appear to be true — then our lovely transwoman Ivan can only claim to be a made-up artifical construct of an authentic biological female.   Medical science cannot turn a biologicial male into a biological female, nor is that likely to be possible within the next 100 years, if ever, due to some very serious ethical limitations.   Medical science can only alter the appearance of body parts.  Thus, reality is that a transwoman will always be biologically male, that is reality, that is pure fucking truth without making any subjective value judgements whatsoever. 

The act of body modification in and of itself fails to prove that sexism will either increase or decline as a result of body modification.  In order to determine that, one must return to the subject of perception.  In other words, how does Pat C. Public perceive body modification?  To find out, we must finish the second half of the argument which began this post.

Whoops.  In the final half of the argument and the only half which matters, Ivan concludes that his girly pink cock sucking doormat brain needs a vagina.  He insists he has a mostly girl brain, and he insists he has a mostly girl character.  He insists that all these mostly girly traits need a mostly girly body.

Patriarchy, that cultural relativism bullshit misogyny thingie that feminists claim to abhor; and Sexism, that eternal paternalistic rape machine, also insists that girl bodies have a mostly girl brain and a mostly girl character.

Perfect. Fucking. Match.  Therefore, transgenderism cannot under any circumstance be said to decrease sexism.  For anything to have the potential to decrease sexism, it must be oppositional to patriarchal standands — not perfectly in line with them.   We can further say this:  anything which reflects sexist dogma is likely to further encourage sexism. 

Women have every reason and entitlement to be concerned about transgenderism.   And to say otherwise is just another patriarchal silencing technique.

35 Responses to “A Graphic Novel about Transgenderism”

  1. m Andrea Says:

    Everybody still hates me? Anyway, Tig is still trying to set me straight over at Hoyden’s, and this is the comment I left:

    Internal character is either significantly different for the various biological sexes, or there is no significant difference. If these variations exist, then we would expect to see that the intersexed folks possess an internal character which is considerably disparate from either biologically male or biologically female.

    To be consistent, if each biological sex posseses a different gender from another biological sex, then the intersexed folks must be a third gender. To continue, if the bodies of the transsexuals are so dissimilar that they alone possess an incongruency between their “mind-map” and their body, then their bodies must be a fourth gender. And so they aren’t “women” at all.

    This is all true, if trans supporters are to be consistent. Are you going to be consistent? Keep in mind, that if you’re not consistent, then all this argumentation in favor of transgenderism becomes merely justifications, much like an alcoholic will say anything to keep his bottle.

    Oops. They really need a “wet paint” sign for that corner. I am evil.

    Oh, this was in response to her claim that although gender is a social construct, it’s such a fixed entity that it can’t be destroyed but only bargained with. And conveniently enough, she thinks the only way to bargain with it is for transfolks to switch genitalia and gender roles.

  2. I couldn’t, wouldn’t address the person there, but you gotta love the person who was all “but what about the social construction of radical feminism.” Dear lord.

    See the thing about radical feminism, is that we already know it is an ideology!!
    Gender is like religion. I think. Everyone knows religion really truly does exist *as a concept* *as an ideology* Whether you believe in the validity of what religion says is another thing all together. Lets say there is a gender man religion, and a gender woman religion. Because religion is an ideology passed down often from parents, well sometimes you don’t like the one you had. So a member of the religion gender man wants to convert to be a gender woman. He wants to follow the religion of gender woman and pretend he has always been a practicing gender woman and pretend that he always knew the holy book of gender woman as his own. By pretending this he becomes a convert to the religion of gender woman, and well this is getting tooo long for my tastes but you get the drift. Radical feminists are the ones who say, wtf are you all bothering with religion for? That stuff is bs and there is no such thing as god, stop converting back and forth and throw the whole thing off. Sorry if anyone is religious, it was just my example for obvious reasons ;).

  3. I didn’t even mention body mod because I couldn’t think of a suitable enough example.

  4. Ha I beat you to the gender/religion comparison way back I’m afraid AW. Can’t remember where, but yeah, I definitely said it. It may have been in some of the lost and gorn forever F word stuff perhaps.

    Basically lots of people believe in god. That doesn’t mean god exists. “I believe in something therefore it must exist” is the most fallacious argument ever, as that nice Mr Dawkins pointed out. The second most fallacious, is the ‘celestial flying teapot’ one. We can’t prove there ISN’T a celestial flying teapot, therefore we should keep an open mind – just in case there is one.

  5. Oh dear everyone really does still hate you. I feel like it was a mistake to comment here though because my blog views jumped about sixty today. A coming storm perhaps.

  6. So I laid out a nice juicy transphobic picnic for them, just in case they came and got hungry. ;).

  7. Aah polly styrene there really is nothing new under the sun. I wonder if the global patriarchy has already been smashed?*

    *a looong time ago.

  8. m Andrea Says:

    It’s because we’re all on the same path, headed in the same direction so of course we all notice the same scenery. But some have more energy and desire to walk so they travel farther ahead.

    oh AW beat me to it. lol

  9. How divertingly circular :).

  10. allecto Says:

    This made me laugh lots. 😀

  11. Rain Says:

    I love it, thanx m andrea – made my day 🙂

  12. Nicky Says:

    I’d have to agree also. As an intersex, I have seen countless times where you have trans people who are co-opting the intersex and making so outlandish claims that it has to be so funny. I have even heard one from Zoe brain and this is quoting from her “Transsexuality is a subset of the Intersex”. People who make claims like that are the reason why intersex people like myself are pissed off at the transgender community. It’s the fact that transgender people are trying to latch on to the intersex and claiming that they are intersex and using the intersex community as an excuse, prop or leverage for their social engineering or gender ideals.

    I have seen other intersex people who fall for and get suckered into the transgender lies and transgender propaganda. I even have seen transgender people and other intersex people who don’t like criticism of their transgender friends and their so called allies and they take criticism as a personal attack. The problem with that is, that their are intersex who blindly follow and align themselves with the transgender community will someday find out that they are being used as props and leverage for the transgender community and will be tossed aside after they are done with them.

    See, one of the most outlandish claims i have seen about the transgender community is that they claim that intersex people are in transition like them and that they claim commonality. I have heard that trans groups claim that Intersex is part of the trans umbrella groups and that I have even heard that trans people claiming intersex as a way to enter women’s groups, using the intersex identity as a shield, alibi and as an excuse when someone questions them and demands proof.

  13. MzAndrea iz ded?

    Funny Storrry. On the metro, chatting with my friends, said something snarky, and “You can just call me Miss Andrea.”

    Some entitled dewdwad came over from across the train mind you, and started yelling at me. I don’t what he said, I blocked it out. Probably something about his castration complex.

  14. thebewilderness Says:

    “No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease,
    No comfortable feel in any member –
    No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,
    No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds –
    – Thomas Hood, No!

    No mAndrea for over a month too.
    I hope you are well and busy with pleasant things.

  15. m Andrea Says:

    HA! I’ve been stark raving insane. Only now I am moreso, so back to normal.

  16. Dirt Says:

    I think you should also note the difference between woman and the Mtf “woman”. The former being common sense, the latter being the male gazed IDEA of woman, further inauthenticating the disordered notion of men as women.


  17. stormy Says:

    oh feminazi one, where art thou?
    I have missed all the tranzphobic biz. 😦

    I should go out now to get a penis added to me, then chop it off, then declare myself ‘true woman, the only one who knows the real suffering of womankind…’

  18. Laurelin Says:

    I’ve only just found this post coz I am slow. It’s great! Many thanks, mAndrea!

  19. bonobobabe Says:

    mAndrea! I miss you! Are you alright?

  20. m Andrea Says:

    I am dead ‘n stuff. Life is too fricken cold, so hibernation may prevent the total anihilation of my soul. Today is Feminazi GroundHog Day, where I poke my nose out and test the air. Still too cold…

    But I just may wake up in time to have a totally horrible Valentine’s Day post.

    Thanks very much for everyone’s concern.

  21. atheistwoman Says:

    Oooh I love it when all the feminazis come out for the obligatory Valentine’s Day post :). It’s like Christmas just for me, but without the gawd bit.

  22. Nine Deuce Says:

    Have you seen the recent article in the Atlantic about “transgendered children”? It’s a real pisser. It may be the hardest I’ve ever seen a writer try to avoid getting into the real issues involved in a phenomenon.

  23. m Andrea Says:

    You mean this article?

    Tina had no easy explanation for where Brandon’s behavior came from. Gender roles are not very fluid in their no-stoplight town

    When parents enforce strict gender codes for boys, then of course he is going to think he must be a girl. It’s the exact same dichotomy as “women are either prudes or sluts”, with the exact same result. In order to prove that she is not a victorian ice maiden, some women will go to the opposite extreme — and call it “normal”.

  24. m Andrea Says:

    Oh, you meant this one:

    “It was really obsessive,” Carol says. “We really had to negotiate times when he just couldn’t wear it anymore. … He seemed to feel uncomfortable and nervous sometimes when he didn’t have this hair, this tea-towel hair.”

    “Obession” is “normal”. Do normal girls feel “nervous and uncomfortable” whenever they can’t wear their pink princess dress?

  25. Nine Deuce Says:

    That’s the one. I read it on a plane and absorbed all the other passengers’ attention with my scoffing and snorting.

  26. Diana Says:

    Your remarks make as many assumptions as they refute. The largest error you make is assuming that everyone who classifies themselves as trans operates under the same assumptions, and buys into the party line. We don’t. I don’t. We all have our reasons for what we do, and they’re all different, within a commonality of purpose- changing our lives in a way we believe to be for the better.
    I met a writer once who equated my experience with learning a new language. It’s far from a perfect metaphor, but it has its uses. Well, I have become sufficiently fluent in my new language that I can communicate in it. But I know I’ll always have an accent.
    My reasons for doing what I did are my own. I can live with them, and pretty well, thank you. You don’t want to accept me as a woman or respect me with pronouns that honor my chosen identity? Well, I don’t like it, but I’m pragmatic enough to know that there’s not much I can do about that. I don’t think I can change your perspective on this issue any more than you can change mine (attempting to do so would be asinine, anyway, as surgery is a fait accompli- I mean really- if a post-op decides she agrees with your screed, what could she really do?).
    Despite that, I’ll say what I have to say.
    I don’t pretend to know what biological women experience, nor do I assume that every woman’s experience is the same. I also have no idea what the intersex population endures. I sympathize and empathize, but their experience is not mine and vice versa.
    But by the same token, you have no right to stereotype my life based on some book written by somebody I never heard of.
    So people call you evil?
    I don’t think you’re evil at all, certainly not because we have different ideas on this. That’s just dumb and counterproductive. I try to see you on your own terms, based on the little I know of you. I’d rather you didn’t see me as a cliche´, some “artificial construct” (really- how Janice Raymond in the 70s!), based on the little you know of me. I’m just like everybody else, trying to do the best I can with what I have.
    Most of the time my life works fine. Sometimes it doesn’t. 20 years after the fact, neither of those extremes rarely have anything to do with my having had surgery half a lifetime ago. Most of my successes and failures now are just life. Not some post-feminist gender theory. Just life.
    I live it on my terms. Don’t presume you know me or know anything about my life because of a theory about my choices.
    I just landed on this site by accident while I was looking for something else and this thread caught my eye. I don’t know if this is a site devoted to serious discussion, a sniping site, or somewhere in between.
    I’ll stop back in a few days and see if there’s any discussion of my thoughts.

  27. m Andrea Says:

    The purpose in delinating beliefs which are held in agreement by an otherwise loosely aligned group of individuals is to direct attention to those common beliefs. Only an idiot would expect each individual member of a group to agree with every single thing expoused by that group.


    Next, I am evil because I said I am evil. And who are you to question my self-identity??? Hypocrite much?

    Last, why are you taking what I said regarding the collective beliefs of a group, so personally? If I wanted to write a post about Diana, it would say so in the title. I gave an argument concerning ideas and principles, and you responded with personal anecdotes! You can’t think of a single refutation to any of my arguments regarding transgenderism???

  28. So, biological sex is inescapable but only radiates some inches from the pelvis? Whatabout say, the hypothalimus? Differences in white-matter microstructure that show that trans men’s brains, Pre-transition, look like cis mens? Same with trans womyn?

    Why is having an eleventh-toe more invalidating of one’s womonhood than having a brain that doesn’t look, act, or behave, like a womon’s?

    Seems to me like you’re the one being wilfully blind.

  29. m Andrea Says:

    Valeria, could you please explain in your own words, the definition of biological sex? Bonus round, explain how that definition intersects with the definition of masculine and feminine.

    It’s funny, but right before I came over I was noticing how the vast majority of transgender fanatics are all under twenty five years old. And of course I couldn’t help but remember that study from a couple years back which indicated youthful brains lack the capacity to reason.

    Suppose this blog needs a warning, because it’s not really for beginners. Or, at least beginners who arrogantly assume they are entitled to demand answers. Conversation in the comments, yes; assholes, no. Front page is my place for spewing, cos well, WordPress won’t let anyone else make posts. Please note the distinction.

  30. polly Says:

    Valerie, the research on ‘brain sex’ has been thoroughly discredited by experiments which show that the differences only develop in adulthood.


    Now if ‘brain sex’ existed, we’d expect it to be present at birth…..

    Many organs are overall different sizes in male and females. However I’ve yet to hear anyone refer to ‘liver’ sex. Or comment that, you know what, trans mens kidneys are just the same as ‘cis’ mens kidneys. Even if what you state is true, it doesn’t prove gender identity is located in a few cells.

    And finally when you’re making sweeping statements, how about saying what you’re basing them on eh?

  31. polly Says:

    But you are also IGNORING completely the fact that SEX is an arbitrary classification. Male and female are reproductive categories. But there’s no real reason why anyone outside those medical professionals to whom it’s relevant should be categorising anyone at all by their sex. Obviously if you’re going to do a hysterectomy, you need to make sure your patient’s got a womb. Helps if you’re involved in the fertility/childbirth racket as well. And it’s fairly vital re: non humans when breeding (non human) animals. Cattle and the like.

    Completely irrelevant for most fields of human endeavour though eg housework, mathematics.

    So ‘sex’ is defined by genital organs because that’s how sex is defined. Simples!

    I didn’t invent these classifications, but nobody ever looks at a baby’s BRAIN, when they’re deciding to write ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ on the birth certificate. It’s called patriarchy Valerie!

  32. polly Says:

    And as ever Valerie, I’m going to pose the question nobody ever answers (well one of the series of questions nobody ever answers).

    If your brain sex/gender/the position of uranus in your twelfth house makes you a ‘woman’, why have sex reassignment surgery eh?

    Doesn’t make much sense.

  33. m Andrea Says:

    Too funny.

    They miss the point over and over again. Almost as if they have no answer. But they always have time to talk about how sad they are!

  34. rudy4rd Says:

    Okay, you’re going to be angry with me: I’m under twenty-five… until May, then I will be twenty-five and the Universe will bestow upon me the rank of fully developed brain. My parents told me that’s all I’m getting this year for my birthday so it had better be Awesome!

    Anyway, I am, how-do-you-say, transsexual, however, I come bearing no answers. Do not be too disappointed. Your questions have no answers <– cheap, I know. Seriously though, humans cope with the immense diversity of, well, everything, by clumping stuff into big groups based on perceived similarities, whether quantifiable or qualifiable. So naturally everyone is going to take it personally when someone who is not part of one group starts deconstructing it (Not that it's bad to deconstruct… it's important) but people are going to be upset because it is all personal, in the end.

    The only other thing I wanted to say is… I like to think of transsexuality, mostly… transgender stuff is all over the place, right? Am I right? <– oooohhh, demanding answers too now, I'm getting cocky… haha, no pun intended.
    So, transsexuality is a natural form of population control. Throw some people into the mix who have no desire to have babies in the conventional sense and you are on the right path to fixing this completely messed up world we live in. Less people, less strain on resources, less fighting, less bad stuff, I would say.

    Oh man, I am going to get the verbal beats now…. shiiiiiiit.

  35. m Andrea Says:

    Polly sez: Many organs are overall different sizes in male and females. However I’ve yet to hear anyone refer to ‘liver’ sex. Or comment that, you know what, trans mens kidneys are just the same as ‘cis’ mens kidneys. Even if what you state is true, it doesn’t prove gender identity is located in a few cells.

    This is as funny now as it was then. My cisliver is oppressing their transliver!! Yet it’s a serious point. There is no organ which has ever been identified to regulate gender — and we can’t help but notice that every organ within the human body is classified by what functions and precesses are regulated by that organ. It’s not just a slight difference in all organ sizes which could be assumed to regulate gender, for that assumption is not consistent with how organs tend to function. Doctors actually need to find the specific organ which regulates gender. Perhaps it’s the prostate! /joke

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