Something New

November 2, 2009

altered mandala thank you

I’m tempted to say that I’d like to take this blog in a new direction.  I’m tempted to wax eloquently (or at least reduntantly) about the person or two who has inspired me.  I’m tempted to ask you, the person reading this, to come along for the ride.

Except I’m afraid that the journey won’t be all that long, that I may regress into old habits, that this time I’ll be biting off more than I can chew and will offend even more people than I did last time.   Funny how fear gets in the way.  And then too I’m a perfectionist feminazi and only those similarily afflicted have any inkling of the amount of anguish suffered each and every time a post is something less than perfect I have to breath this rotten feminaziphobic air.

Hello, my name is m Andrea and I suck almost as badly as I spew.   I’m like the hoover of evil.  Anyway, NEW REQUEST:   I have a tendency to engage in snottery when confronted by the stupid and I’m trying to develope more patience; so please don’t tempt me by being non-logical or using up all the tissues.  Think of sleepy kitties and try not to shout.  Thank you.

Moderation is now off, mostly.  Use of argument ad misericordiam will probably still result in dire consequences.