I Have a Dream – now wake me UP

January 24, 2008

I don’t remember how I found this page, and I don’t know how they did the fancy “embed four videos into one”, but if you watch this video from their site, all four short vids blend almost seamlessly into one.

It’s about a dood who makes $51,000 every hour of every day, and pays less in taxes , percentage-wise, than one of his maids. It’s about asking what the hell are we doing and what are we trying to achieve, but most of all it’s about asking what is RIGHT with the war on greed. This country and this world are comprised of peoples of many colors, many of whom are in desperate need – and yet we’re supposed to believe that business as usual and more of the same is the star we strive to attain?

20 Responses to “I Have a Dream – now wake me UP”

  1. bonobobabe Says:

    Capitalism sucks. Greedy bastards suck. Those dudes actually looked evil. You could see it in their eyes.

    I can’t wait to shuffle off this mortal coil, because this world sucks. I wish I were 78 instead of 38. Then I’d have fewer years left. And I wouldn’t have to live through The Crash.

  2. pisaquaririse Says:

    “supposed to believe that business as usual and more of the same is the star we strive to attain?”

    Yes, exactly. Most people would say this is fishy and exploitative and yet most would also continue to wax poetic the richer life.

    A perfect example would be from Mr. Buchanan in this video, who otherwise articulates these problems very well. At the end, however, he says “…for my boys to make sure that they have the opportunity to live in this American dream that they see on TV everyday…”
    (not singling *him* out but this *idea*).
    What the hell is the American Dream anymore? And if it’s what’s on the TV then aren’t we still f*cked? The people on TV are sleeping in the same Master’s chambers.

  3. m Andrea Says:

    Kinda like how unlimited growth is not sustainable and yet the same people who will acknowledge the realities of Peak Oil will turn around five minutes later and predict future economic growth and recovery of the stock market. There’s such a huge disconnect.

    But it’s better than it was, I supposed. Two years most people had never even heard of it.

    Incidently, what do you all see as the first image of the video posted here? When I clicked on that other page for the first time, I immediately saw an image of Dr. King in the vid, but for some wacky reason, when I put it here all I could get was a picture of a guy with his mouth open. If that makes any sense. I kept redoing it over and over, but couldn’t get Dr. King to show up.

  4. Lara Says:

    Good video. I would love to hear about this from the perspectives of working class WOMEN who are cleaning up these CEO bastard’s homes and feeding their kids and filing their papers.

  5. Satsuma Says:

    Miss Andrea, where are you? We need commentary…. emergency 🙂

  6. thebewilderness Says:

    What? no VD post?
    I was hoping for a VD post. I rillyrilly was.
    I hope you are well.

  7. Holly Says:

    “Good video. I would love to hear about this from the perspectives of working class WOMEN who are cleaning up these CEO bastard’s homes and feeding their kids and filing their papers.”

    I agree with Lara and that pretty much hit the nail on the head and now I have nothing left to add.

  8. Branjor Says:

    Andrea did mention once that her health was poor. I hope she’s OK. If not, Get well soon, Andrea!

  9. Starfish Says:

    I hope you’re okay too, m Andrea.

    Off smiting virtual foes, thither and yon, withest thou keyboard, perchance?

  10. m Andrea Says:

    Thanks for your concern and sorry for dropping off the internet. I was thinking. You know I can’t think and type at the same time. 🙂 Also had (and still do) several critical health-life-work problems intersecting right now and don’t expect anything to settle down for quite some time. Blah. The good news is that apparently I am even more evil than previously suspected.

    Incidently, Starfish is a freaking genius. She had a post on “appropiation” a while back which was quite fascinating on it’s own, but especially enlightening if you blow past the stop sign. Do you look for the stop signs? You can’t zoom past them if you don’t recognize them for what they are. Everybody always stops at a stop sign. Keep going.

    Oh, and I noticed that several people riffed her idea in their own blog posts without giving her any credit. Personally, I believe that type of thing is fine when the person already has a well-respected reputation, but bloggers without a huge base really deserve being acknowleged as the source of someone else’s ideas.

    Do I sound like your mom yet?

  11. Starfish Says:

    *cough* I hadn’t actually noticed anyone doing what you’ve suggested… Maybe I’m not reading in all the same places? I do think that sometimes there’s simply a synchronicity of the mass (or femi-blog) consciousness thing going on.

    Still, if any of my words did spark someone else, well, a nod would be nice. I do know that occasionally I’ve not nodded toward someone else when the thoughts prompted in me by something they’d written go off on what seems a tenuously related tangent. Though there’s still one instance I have in mind to address, especially now that I have some additional material bookmarked that will make it more sensical to give that nod.

    Anyhoo, m andrea, (mom!), good to see you about, and thanks for the kudos, even if “genius” is a little excessive 🙂 . I hope irl smooths out for you soon. I somewhat relate, I guess, from the tenuously related pov that any month in which I write much on-line is likely one in which I haven’t been able to do much more than be still in one spot lots of the time, and make that spot the ‘puter chair if I can.

  12. m Andrea Says:

    The pattern is what bugs me. Someone who consistently has semi-original ideas or whatnot deserves more consideration for their ideas then someone who consistently parrots. But yes, I do think we’re all on the same path and it’s ultimately more important that we keep going and encouraging each other then to argue over trivial crap.

  13. Starfish Says:

    I hear you, I do. I’m gonna bounce stuff that’s in my head off of what you’ve said in a general rather than personally critical way below, ‘kay?

    What we’re talking about now is very much related to a capitalist mentality, which fortunately fits the thread! (I don’t even really let myself ponder on why on earth anyone could possibly want or what they’d do with 51K/hour (a thoroughly ridiculous amount of money, if ever I heard one)- nothing good is what comes to mind re the particular plundering player you drew attention to in the original post up there).

    I do understand exactly how ideas are worth something in the system we all live in, even if many of us live it with varying degrees of grudge and/or grudging acceptance rather than glee. I do, too, think that attribution/acknowledgment is sometimes so aggressively sought because of how monetary connections to production (even and sometimes especially of ideas) has evolved and how heightened that aspect (of potential for renumeration) is presently.

    I’m unsure there’s any such thing as an original thought anymore, certainly I don’t believe myself to be having such, only building on and/or putting together in different ways, tweaking sometimes, so that perhaps resonance grows where it previously did not. Pointing out that stop signs might actually be through-ways, or that the stop signs are on the road to and of distraction and false limitation or that the quicker, clearer or more beautiful route might actually be over yonder a bit, well that’s hardly pure invention.

    So, yeah, if I say it here and it comes out there, I’m honestly not too bothered by that, as long as it does “comes out there” (and there and there and there, too, would be nice), if that makes sense, rather than being passed over altogether. Share it, I say. Share EVERYthing.

    Hmm, wonder if I’m giving Satsuma an in for the pro-capitalist view? 😉

  14. pisaquaririse Says:

    Just dropping in to say I’m sorry if life is not looking up for you right now M Andrea!
    I’m glad to see, at least, you are well enough to spew some bloggular awesomeness :).

    Be well.

  15. thebewilderness Says:

    I still check here every day, and I will continue to check here every day for months. I’m a teensy bit obsessive that way.
    I hope you are well.

  16. K.A. Says:

    Just wanted to add to the chorus saying that I check here for new posts because they’re great, and whatnot.

  17. m Andrea Says:

    You are too kind! How have you been? I just noticed Twisty is BACK!!!! and Heart gave me a linky, so that means she loves me or sumthun.

    I would say I’m doing better, except I’m not, and I would say you can expect suckage to commence shortly, except it might not. Ambivalance reigns, or maybe not.

  18. pisaquari Says:

    m Andrea! Poo-on-a-stick that you are not doing better!

  19. thebewilderness Says:

    She is, she is back, and just in case you care, Fafblog is back too. And they say April is the cruelest month…or maybe they say that about some other month. Anyway April ’08 just scored it’s fifteen minutes of fame.
    Thanks for the update, wish things were better for you, hope they will be soon.

  20. buggle Says:

    Hey, I’ve been checking back here a few times a week, hoping, hoping.

    Sorry to hear you aren’t doing so great.

    I hope you have some energy soon to write another evil post, heh 🙂 I like ’em.

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