I pushed a new button! – good vs. evil

January 19, 2008

Pardon my suckage once again, I could not draw a pair of angel wings to save my life.  You would laugh if you knew how much time was wasted on this stupid thing.  It looks like a moose with icicles.  The entire post is suckalicious, so at least it’s consistent. 

 angel to devil

As part of an ongoing existential crisis I sought outside sources, and as any good radical feminist knows, those sources included both pro and con.  We get to be smug because religious fanatics and the like, so it goes, only consult those whose prior agreement reinforces the desired outcome.  This guy questions how many steps over the line are allowed before one’s character changes from the box marked ‘evil’ into the the box marked ‘good’.  Feminazis are naturally curious about such things, you know.  Our evilness may be in jeopardy.   He explains my gravitating towards stupid stuff:

“This splitting of things into all-good and all-bad, with the attendant projection and scapegoating, appears to start in us as infants. Since it continues into childhood, it explains why fairy tales use such stark concepts of good and evil. It’s the only thing children can understand. Unfortunately, it also continues with us into adulthood, with catastrophic results. It is an infantile defense, a concept fit only for cartoons and fairy tales, but one with which we as adults consistently judge the complex world with all its shades of gray.”

I of course do not like this, but it gets better:

“One interpretation of the story of the Garden of Eden supports the view that projection starts in us when we are very young. I personally think this myth makes more sense if we consider Adam and Eve to be about four-years-old, because they are as unaware and ignorant as apples.

In the story, the first thing Adam does, when caught breaking the rules, is to point at Eve and say, “She made me do it.” Eve, no different than Adam, then shifts blame onto the serpent. “It’s his fault, not mine,” she says. An old story, but a very perceptive one that clearly tells us that scapegoating is one of the first things we do. One interpretation of the story claims Adam and Eve’s scapegoating, and refusal to accept responsibility for their actions, is what got them kicked out of the Garden of Eden, thereby bringing evil into the world.

Although I certainly don’t believe Adam and Eve were real people, and the story is just a myth (although a very wise one), it suggests that if they had not scapegoated each other, or had accepted responsibility for what they had done, they might have been allowed to stay. The moral, obviously, is that one of the first steps back to the Garden of Eden (to the extent it can exist in this world) is acceptance of responsibility and the cessation of scapegoating. It can’t be done through violence.”

Oh, so according to another thing he wrote, I’m not really evil.  HA!  Of course he’s lying.  Except I’m feeling a budding kinship with clueless twits, so perhaps a downgrade to merely wicked is in order.  What does it say when even a vile feminazi feels sympathy for men?  This is terrible news.  Worst case scenario, I could end up dating my neighbor – holy crap.  

Next post: either transgenderism or a really awesome surprise! 

9 Responses to “I pushed a new button! – good vs. evil”

  1. stormy Says:

    Well, you’ll get my vote as still being truly evol — after all, you sent me to that overly long blah blah blah link — and that’s cruel.

    I’m always happy with the title Menacing Presence.

    In the scheme of things, that would probably make me an evol-in-training sidekick. Or something.

  2. Mary Sunshine Says:

    Good and evil require each other.

    Another male ploy to keep females from focusing on our own survival and well being.

  3. m Andrea Says:

    Oh I thought you said Menacing Princess. What overly long blah blah link? And you get to be some kind of superpowerthingie in your own right – I have a post about that too, somewhere.

    Yes they do Mary, it’s kind of interesting.

  4. stormy Says:

    That entire article could have been condensed into half or less. Where is a damn editor when you need one?

    It was punishment. And I don’t even know what I did to you?!
    But then again, I am sooo evol, I probably did something really evol. Mwah, mwah! Like I give a shit, again, because I am soooo evol. 😀

  5. Satsuma Says:

    I know you’re trying there Miss Andrea, but this post is not one of your best.
    We have seen good out there and we have personally witnessed evil as well.
    Believe me, neither is a post-modern construct. It is very very real.

  6. m Andrea Says:

    Are you kidding? It sucks! But I thought the point of the quote was excellent, and it is prep for something else, eventually. Thanks for being honest, though, I like that.

    People keep talking about a “revolution”, which usually means “sudden or dramatic change”. Personally I don’t think a revolution is ever gonna happen. Violence isn’t the answer, so whatever people mean by “revolution” must be mental or psychological or social. And in order for people to have a social revolution, then taking responsibility for one’s mistakes instead of scapegoating and denial is a REQUIREMENT.

    Until larges masses of people are willing to do that, a revolution is not possible. People have been avoiding responsibility for thousands of years with no end in sight, so that seems to be one of those “naturual” human characteristics — ergo: a revolution is not possible. I might as well give up and make stupid crap with my paint programs.

  7. m Andrea Says:

    Also, I’m trying to find a way to point the finger at other people, without having to take responsibility for my own stuff. You see the difficulties. *I* have to grow up, and *I* am currently regressing.

    I started this blog thinking I would tell other people what to do, but now I realise that’s not gonna work. wah. Should I take my toys and go home when I can’t have my way, or should I go forward? As much as I would prefer to ignore what makes me uncomfortable, I just can’t do that. wah wah

  8. Mary Sunshine Says:

    Why would women’s connections to each other consist primarily of telling each other (including ourselves) what to do?

  9. Still Water Says:

    ” Why would women’s connections to each other consist primarily of telling each other (including ourselves) what to do?”

    Bravo Mary Sunshine! Exactly!

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