January 8, 2008

Either transgenderism or my own white privilege was scheduled to be discussed roasted and broiled today, but I’m kinda busy watching ThePinkyShow™. I have no idea what you could do with five minutes instead of reading my spewage.

Pinky has a way of asking the most profound questions in such a simply charming format, it’s difficult to remain unaffected. Found via ArtThreat, which has no pictures to steal, but is still pretty cool anyway. While ordinarily Youtube is far too plebian to mention, Pinky’s bandwidth would appreciate you scoping out their awesome past videos from there. Have a great day!

7 Responses to “ThePinkyShow™”

  1. Wow! the pinky show vids are great…i’ll be using some of these.

  2. Mary Sunshine Says:

    We can roast our own white privilege here for a while. I’ve got lots of marshmallows.


  3. Satsuma Says:

    This is a very simple and very well done show! Animals talking is a very good way to create a new atmosphere.

    The basic question is this: why do non-minorities do things that exclude minorities? Whites going to places with “no blacks allowed” signs in front?
    Or churches that refust to ordain women? Or even churches that refuse to ordain lesbians? Or how about traveling to countries that oppress women?

    I’ve seen little evidense that majorities ever care at all about the position of others supposedly unlike themselves. Whites didn’t get rid of apartheid, black activism did. Straights didn’t put lesbian marriage on the table, lesbians did.

    I don’t attend anything that I think discriminates against anyone. I don’t attend heterosexual marriage ceremonies, and I only work for companies that have a written non-discrimination policy.

    But I don’t see much real solidarity here at all. There are gay men who attend catholic churches, there are people who travel to Saudi Arabia, and there were whites who went to white only beaches.

    If the entire country has this policy, it’s a little harder, because then you would not be able to go anywhere, but wouldn’t it be nice if somewhere somehow, the majority just did this on their own, without all the protests, law suits etc.? Wouldn’t it be great if people really did care about justice and fair treatment for all? Pinky puts the message right out there!

  4. In a similar vein, very many public spaces and private homes in the US at least are not accessible to people who cannot walk. I became very aware of this when I was lovers with someone who could not walk, because everywhere we went involved substantial checking beforehand, and even then, there were often barriers that we were not told about–because the ablebodied proprietors didn’t notice them even with our pointed questioning–once we finally arrived. Why do able-bodied people go to, and live in, places with stairs, narrow doorways, escalators, etc? I guess because, like Satsuma said, if we ruled all those places out, we would not be able to go anywhere, and finding a place to live would be very hard. I know I used to feel really guilty if I went out without my partner to somewhere she wouldn’t have been able to go with me. Funny, I’ve mostly stopped noticing that since she died.

    I love Pinky.

  5. bonobobabe Says:

    I’m glad you posted this. I had forgotten all about the Pinky Show. After I saw the one about Thomas Edison, I was fucked up for days. That episode led me to research more cruelty to elephants (which are my absolute favorite animals), and then I was seriously fucked up. I mean, I would cry at the drop of a hat.

    You know, I can’t believe that we’re taught in school how great Edison was, when he was really nothing more than a typical white male who thinks he has dominion over every fucking thing.

  6. Branjor Says:

    What a sack of shit Edison was! That video broke my heart as I love elephants and support the Elephant Sanctuary. Why didn’t the coward wire *himself* up if he wanted to prove how dangerous AC was? RIP Topsy and all the dogs and cats that man murdered. 😦

    This reminds me of another white male “hero” coward I learned about in school, in microbiology class – Edward Jenner, the inventer of the smallpox vaccine. In the course of his experiments with this vaccine, he “bravely” inoculated a servant boy with smallpox virus, the textbook informed me. He didn’t inoculate his *own* son with the virus, or himself, but a servant boy. What “bravery” that took. Pffffffttt!

  7. allecto Says:

    Hey Andrea, love the blog. I just got an email from the f-agenda saying that you are a young Australian rad fem. That is so great. I just love meeting other women who live down here, especially when they are young and angry. Do you mind if I ask where in Aust you live? You can answer by email if you wish: Or not if you don’t wish. 🙂

    Keep blogging, sister!

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