Come and Get It, Patriarchy

January 4, 2008

So there I was searching for the Study-To-End-All-Studies*, happy that I had finally finished clipping Big Bird’s wings for another post, when I came across this news article.  Yes, I know it’s old, but I immediately had a feminazi moment and I knew that some people – who shall remain nameless (Lara and Hermil, heh) – would probably like it.  And if those two found some value in my ramblings, other people might as well.  So here we are, about to have a feminazi meltdown with nary a bit of chocolate sanity in sight.  The text reads:

It is a fact that a woman born in South Africa has a greater chance of being raped, than learning how to read.  One in four girls faces the prospect of being raped before the age of 16 according to the child support group, Childline.

Fascinating.  Men rape women in large numbers.  I didn’t know.  But there’s more, oh yes.

Sexual violence pervades society, with one of the highest reported rates of rape in the world, and an alarmingly high incidence of domestic violence and child abuse.

See, here’s where my pity is engaged.  These women keep reporting the men who rape them, in the mistaken belief that anybody who can actually do something about this autrocity gives a shit.  How sad.  They haven’t learned yet, like their western sisters already have, that nothing will be done.  They’ve suffered silently for generations, ever hopeful that once these monstrous acts were brought forth from shame into public light, the government which professes to care about all it’s people would immediately begin to rectify the situation.

In the immortal words leaping like lightening from Amy’s Brain, HAHAHAHAHAHAH.  How long do you think it will take these women to learn that men play a game of only pretending to care?  I mean, it would be way too obvious if men came right out and said, “suck it up, bitch, you’re fucktoy-meat-on-a-stick”.  The jig would be up then, and women would probably take all the vaginas and go live with their mothers in a cottage by the sea and eat SaraLee cheese danish instead. 

From a patriarchal point of view, this would not do.  Oh no.  The patriarchy neeeeeds it’s fucktoy-meat-on-a-stick to believe that women are just one tiny whiney itsy bitsy baby step away from true equality and freedom.  Hope is the chain that binds the strongest with the least amount of effort, you know, and besides that, we can stitch even more gratituous phrases into the bindings – all the better to believe when we do it ourselves.  Men don’t even have to lift a finger, that way.

They can merely skate by with a “yes yes you know we care dear”, and throw a couple ‘good boys don’t rape’ posters up, possibly even start a new rape unit down at the local precinct (they get spiffy new uniforms and shiney badges and everything!) — and the gullible raped dupes won’t even realize that their assailants are still running around free.

It’s a great game, this patriarchy rape protection scheme.  I learned today that there’s even a Hebrew word which applies: Yorim V’ Bochim, which means literally ‘shooting and crying’ – someone who deliberately destroys his enemy and then pretends to cry crocodile tears about the loss of such a great person.  Here in the west, we call them ‘rape apologists’.

*I’m always searching for the Study-To-End-All-Studies, the thing which nails men to the fucking wall, and convinces everyone how freaking worthless they are.  Oh, dear, the ruby red slippers are here, and I’ve had it all along.

blinking alligator 

lol  🙂  I’m evil and by gosh, that’s okay! 


11 Responses to “Come and Get It, Patriarchy”

  1. justicewalks Says:

    The jig would be up then, and women would probably take all the vaginas and go live with their mothers in a cottage by the sea and eat SaraLee cheese danish instead.

    Unfortunately, they’d bring their sons with them to their mothers’ cottage by the sea, and the granddaughters would be right back where we are in a generation or two.

    It’d sure be good times until those boys grew up, though.

  2. m Andrea Says:

    ah, I didn’t make that part clear enough, thanks Justice. They only took the vaginas – patrairchy hates it when we do that. And after I wrote it, I was concerned people might think I was making fun of black women, but was too lazy to fix it and keep the flow. No, I was making fun of the hope, hope, hope. Pretty sure hope sinks, eventually and leaves a tnsumai of anger behind. That’s why most of the old women (that I knew in childhood) didn’t care that their husbands dropped dead, and why many of my married women friends tell me they wouldn’t remarry.

    Incidently, tnsumai is one of the ten most looked-up words in the english language, and also means to re-raise a bet in poker without looking at one’s cards.

  3. My divorce will be through soon! I’ll never marry again, ever – I’m looving it 🙂

  4. bonobobabe Says:

    I’ve never had a Sarah Lee cheese danish in my life, but I’ve got a sudden urge to subsist on them and nothing but them.

    Oh, and do you know Hermil from somewhere else? Was he being sarcastic? I wondered why no one lit into him after that comment.

  5. thebewilderness Says:

    I didn’t say anything to Hermil, although I started to, because no matter how many times I read his post, and I read it over and over, my nonsense meter blew a gasket every single time and I couldn’t figure out WTF he was trying to say.
    I think mAndrea is wise to take it as a compliment, since there is little else it could be useful for.

  6. m Andrea Says:

    I am clueless folks. You have to tell me these things.

    “Feminazi comments at its best. Nonsense rant, misinformation and disinformation are the cornerstone of your evil grasp of social reality. Feminist scum are doomed, so far as concerned peoples with open eyes are concerned…”

    It’s either a compliment, because I have claimed the name feminazi and this post was silly – on the surface; or an MRA who doesn’t know how to insult properly and can’t think two steps down the road.

    Have you all noticed that teh menz aren’t jumping for joy at that proof? 759 men who love me, and not one bothers to thank me for proving they are inherently sexist piggies. The smart ones realize it’s legal to shoot dogs. *I crack myself up.*

    Really, someone should refute it soon, before I start whaling on it for realz. You’ll all want to disown me too, maybe. There’s lots of genuinely nice guys, but it doesn’t matter a hill of beans if sexism is inherent.

    The third post in the queue has a darling crunch, lol and Deb just gave me an idea for a fourth one which could result in sphincter tightening. This is fun! 🙂

  7. pisaquaririse Says:

    Okay, so, thank gawd I’m not the only one: I did the wtf-dance several times at my keyboard over hermil’s comment (Hermil show yourself!-what it be?).

    South Africa has such a problem–I believe I read 5 months was the youngest age for a victim (why don’t they just rape pregnant women–two for one deal…fuckers…).
    And you know, somewhere, some sex pozzie is *consensually* getting off on this right now…

  8. bonobobabe Says:

    How long do you think it will take these women to learn that men play a game of only pretending to care? I mean, it would be way too obvious if men came right out and said, “suck it up, bitch, you’re fucktoy-meat-on-a-stick”. The jig would be up then, and women would probably take all the vaginas and go live with their mothers in a cottage by the sea and eat SaraLee cheese danish instead.

    I just had a thought. I think men DO tell us the truth about themselves. Many a truth is told in jest. Think about pop culture, like sitcoms. They are full of male characters who simply want a fucktoy and nothing else. I’m sure men call the shots in the entertainment biz, just like any other biz. Why would men allow themselves to be portrayed in such a negative way? The answer is that they are not being portrayed negatively . They are being portrayed accurately, but b/c it’s a sitcom…fiction… we women continue to believe that that’s not how men really are.

    The men are probably laughing their asses off. They are showing us their true colors, and we still don’t believe them.

  9. Lara Says:

    I am sorry but is this post in reference to me??? I am very confused. Did I say something previously? Or is this a different “Lara”?

  10. Lara Says:

    Ahhh, sorry I get what post you are referencing now m Andrea, hehe 😉 I got kinda worried at first I thought you were saying I was like that Hermil person… eek

  11. m Andrea Says:

    Well, it was my fault for assuming the best of a troll; really sorry I included your name in the same sentence with his. Also, I really appreciate it when people let me know which parts they find confusing, so I can do better next time. 🙂

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