Photochop Friday

December 22, 2007

steven pinker happy housewife

Amazingly enough, the sky came courtsey of Steven Pinker, an evolutionary psychologist who thinks women evolved with attached broomsticks; and the faithful woman really is a HappyHousewife who wuvs cleaning up after her man.  I thought they deserved each other.

My suckability may or may not improve – I almost learned how to make a mask!  How exciting!  Need a bloggy with bigger borders though, sorry for the breakage if your browser doesn’t format correctly.  The caption reads, “Oooh, I think I see a good man over there!”  Hmmm, I should have included her HappyPills.

8 Responses to “Photochop Friday”

  1. thebewilderness Says:

    Your mad photoshop skillz is killink me.

  2. pisaquaririse Says:

    Oh that is simply revolting.
    Well done.

  3. “Hmmm, I should have included her HappyPills”

    *snort* this is why women are over medicated by patriarchal medicine.

    “here hon, take some Patpills ™ and you’ll hardly notice the shit – there’s a good girl…pat…pat”


  4. Mary Sunshine Says:

    First I read Satsuma’s comments over at Heart’s, and then I come here and see this!


    You’ve said 25 paragraphs in one picture.


  5. Branjor Says:

    Sailing through a sea of dickheads on a ship called hope.

    Great graphic and unfortunately true! How’s this for a graphic – a male head with his nose turned up, but instead of a nose it is a dick? HAHA!

  6. Scarlet Says:

    I don’t know how I found my way here but it is weird to find some of my “secret thoughts” articulated on your site. I finally got a computer, so much is new to me, but I’ll have you know I actually googled “men suck” and “what’s wrong with men?” in order to find–well I guess–YOU (not how I actually found you, however).
    Two thoughts occur as I read your articles. First, why are they here (men)? I’m an agnostic on the verge of atheism because RELIGION SUCKS so I’m abandoning my rationale that cosmically they are on the verge of some great evolutionary leap due to our diligent efforts and matriarchy will finally have its turn. Seriously, what do we do with them? They walk among us…
    Second, what’s wrong with us? I know we are repressed and brainwashed, blah, blah, blah, but watching women make excuses for bad behavior and still insisting on latching on to some marginal specimen– feeling empowered by sharing tips on how to “train” them–has not been sitting well with me.
    I’m in an awkward transition as I have also googled in search of that possible good one for me, only to fully realize what I have suspected for years–MEN SUCK.

  7. Mary Sunshine Says:

    !!! Scarlett !!!

    My soul sister


  8. Scarlet Says:

    Merry freakin’ Christmas y’all!

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