humorless feminists are evil

December 17, 2007

Let’s be logical for one second, instead of bending over again for the patriarchy.  When someone is out to dismiss your incessant demands for equal status, why on earth would a reasonable person expect you to crack jokes?

What the accuser is insinuating is that you, as a highly valuable member of the fucktoy class, should find it amusing that you are in fact a member of the fucktoy class.  We, all of us, are supposed to stand around and watch while you try one more time to become more than the measly little fucktoy that patriarchy knows you are.  This is something you are to accept, like night following day, flowers after spring showers or men being manipulative bastards*.

You are also (once again) being defensive instead of offensive, as in “the best defense is a good offense”.  I can say this because the usual reaction is for feminists to bend over the opposite way – in the direction patriarchy wanted you to go all along – which is to be all perky and cheerful in order to prove them wrong.  They want you to be fucking cheerful; the very last thing they want is for feminists to be angry. 

Add this to the list of patriarchal pile of poo, whereby when you see it, you can know with absolute certainity that men hate you for having all the vajinnas.

*Proving once again that it takes a fucking radfem to help you find your brains backbone, and that even while cursing like a drunken sailer on a 24 hr pass, we are still meaner no smarter no demanding more for women than the average feminist.

How many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb?
None, they think it’s going to change itself.

penis lamp

3 Responses to “humorless feminists are evil”

  1. justicewalks Says:

    Wh-what!? You mean feminism ISN’T about proving to men that we’re not all humorless, hairy-legged, man-hating, sex-hating harpies?

    Thank god you posted that nice soothing picture of a fake cock, mAndrea. Otherwise a woman might have to sit back and re-conceptualize the goals of feminism based on your astute observation that proving we’re not humorless is exactly what men want us to do. Now we can all just bask in the glow of the phallus instead.

    • Mary Sunshine Says:

      Ah, just wanted to bump this thread so that blog wanderers might enjoy it.

      For me, that light bulb joke is right on time.

  2. m Andrea Says:

    Thanks Mary, glad you stopped by!

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