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February 27, 2007

gallery_414_82_1141347769.jpgA place for anything you want to say.  Discuss amongst yourselves, I’ll check in periodically. 

 Oh, I found out wordpress alone has 718,739 blogs, so no, I don’t expect the repository to be much more than an echo chamber of sorts.   A small conservatory would be nice though.  Dearie me, one of the things I hate about blogs is that there’s a natural tendency to exploit feelings of competition, complete with discussions of page ranking as if it’s a popularity contest or something.  Shudders. 

Been online for years, but until recently I didn’t think my writing voice was good enough or that I had anything to say.  Now I do.  Didn’t you say you weren’t an egomaniac?  Silly rabbit, that’s self-confidence.  Uhuh.  Great, now I’m talking to myself.  Anyway, I’ve been concerned about some things, wondering about some things I don’t see anyone else discussing, and when I have material worth posting I’ll put it up.  Awww, she thinks anybody cares, isn’t that cute? 

14 Responses to “Open thread la-de-dah___¶¶¶”

  1. A Says:

    Liking your blog already…I seldom have much to say, let alone anything of worth; I’ve enjoyed your comments at U’s blog & look forward to reading more here.

  2. Hey feminazi, since I don’t have your email to tell you this directly I wanted to take advantage of this open thread and let you know I’ve replied to your comment about apes and gender roles. It is located here, and to remind you — this is in reference to a comment you left on about a week ago.

    Maybe I will hear from you, but I understand if you don’t have time to respond. Maybe some of your readers do,


  3. ruth Says:

    Your blog url and name shows a lack of respect for the survivors of the nazi holocaust.

  4. feminazi Says:

    Ruth, I am both German and a Jew, by birth. I have relatives who were on both sides of the concentration camp fence. One grandparent escaped to America before the war. I also have grandparents who were Cherokee, Afrikan, and Irish.

    The word is not offensive to me. It is a word Rush Limbaugh coined, meant to insult, demean, and shame into silence those who believe women are people too and therefore entitled to equality.

    Are people who work for equality mass-murderers and deserving of harrassment?

    If you haven’t bothered to express your displeasure to Limbaugh, and to others who use it as a perjorative, don’t bother me either.

  5. feminazi Says:

    Any time that word is used as an insult to feminists, the person is NEVER called on it.

    Instead, people like Ruth are insulted that mass-murderers and their victims are compared to people who work for equality. Because in Ruth’s mind, feminists are worse.

    Kind of amusing, really.

  6. A Says:

    Would be more amusing if they weren’t so dangerous.
    My family also has photo albums full of the faces of murdered innocents. One grandparent was sent to the US as a child after her entire family was murdered in a pogrom; the other was the one of his family who managed to escape in time.
    I agree with you: silence is not an option. The only language that has to be held sacred: never again!

  7. mAndrea Says:

    Oh Hi A! I didn’t realize you had come back! Thank you! I may or may not be at Twisty’s forum, not sure. :/ But please give me another hint if you’d like to remind me where that other place is — I probably haven’t been there in a long while.

  8. thebewilderness Says:

    I hooked a live link of your name from Hearts to here. Having posted this, you now have my email, which you are welcome to use.
    I had to unregister at Twistys forum to shut myself up and take a break. I too am looking forward to the reopening of Heart’s boards, for the same reason you are. There is no other women only space anywhere on these t00bz.

  9. mAndrea Says:

    Ha, forgot I could grab someone’s email from here! LOL Thank you for reminding me! In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have left my widdle blog addy at Hearrrts.

    After the hackers took her forum down, I have no place to go, and I’m frustrated. The hatred against women is increasing, obviously, but no one is supposed to notice.

  10. thebewilderness Says:

    I think you are right. It is way past time to get “SHRILL”. There is nothing quite like an obvious truth, boldly stated, to bring out the vandals. It burns their ears and makes the scales well up in their eyes.

  11. Follisanis Says:

    *Edited my mAndrea*

    I’d to introduce you all to my new product line. The newest helpful gadget is called SPAM BEGONE! One easy click, and all those annoying household pests are GONE!

  12. SleetAWemrefe Says:

    How are you?

  13. feminazi Says:

    Hi Sleet!


  14. Feuerwerferin Says:

    Miss Andrea, the gratitude I feel towards you for making this blog and opening my eyes is … let’s say quite huge 🙂 Thank you. All those things that you have written about coping mechanisms and denial are priceless.

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